(Sorry for the loud music) Was on my way home

It does when I'm already in the lane that require merging into and she does not yield and instead ends up almost scraping my car side door with her front bumper.

Just because you have the right of way does not mean you overtake on a turning lane because a car merged in front of you and between the car ahead of me.

She ends up on the turning middle lane OVER the yellow double line.

If her front bumper hits me she's at fault because I'm already in the middle of the lane merged behind grey. Right of way does not give you right to collide with cars because you wanted to be behind that car and not behind that one

California's drivers handbook literally describes the situation she was in where there is a close merge because merge lane is small and she fails to slow down and not tailgate me and instead speeds up like a moron cause she thought she hand right of way of the car AHEAD of her

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