Saw this idiot on the interstate doing the same thing to people. I got unlucky and we were going the same way home.

The absolute scariest thing that ever happened to me on the road involved a mattress. I was on the interstate, going 65ish in high winds, and a pickup flies past me on the left with a mattress flapping in the wind, tied to the bed at the center. I said fuck that and took my foot off the gas, and as I did, the mattress breaks loose, hits the road on its side and bounces. I actually feel like I saw things in slow motion. I was in the right lane, and there were concrete barriers on my right. To my left, there was a car approaching my blind spot. I could brake, but based on the trajectory of the mattress, I felt like it would pass over my tiny little Honda Civic... So I just kept driving. And it bounced over me and into the ditch. I had to pull over a minute later to breathe, I was seriously freaked out. Later I saw the pickup pulled off to the side with its hazards on, I assume wondering what happened lol

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