Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction

None of what you said is true, you're not trying to understand, you're pretending to be human by making fun of people over satanic ritual abuse. I have told you 100% the truth, you are not even telling people that there is a soul stealing network involving the legal fiction, as if you did not even know that is the work from ancient Babylon and that you are worshipping a non human lower dimension entity and that your name and signature marks your acceptance to sell your soul to the fallen entity and live in the pit of darkness for all eternity.

You are fallen my disclosure is reaching hundreds of thousands of people, you are unknown and only have a vampire sacrifice ritual to make you feel good. This only pleases you and does not get in the way of disclosure of the truth and exposing your people.

No, if you don't remember or "just didn't know" is not an excuse. Fear or ignorance is not an excuse, but a reason to be condemned. You will not be protected if you continue to help the fallen and the elite satanic bloodlines ritually abuse humans. You will not escape the pit of darkness with any family or slaves if you continue to turn away from the truth.

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