Home bleaching; choose my adventure

So, I got bored during quarantine, and decided to try to lighten my hair at home!

I used boxed Feria Platinum Blonde lightener, two boxes, first on my strands, then on my roots (and also on my strands again because it wasn't lightening).

What resulted was what you see now! My roots are yellow, and there's still some greenish brown around the back and under. I also had, in my hair, faded Pink for Brown OverTone (hence the pink you see).

My natural hair color is medium brown, and I have bleached my hair (professionally) before, with great results, but not this hair. I have an autoimmune disorder, which I've heard may make cuticles extra stubborn. My hair is also quite thick.

My question for you lovely people is: do I buy a couple more boxes of lightener, and try to keep going, or do I fill it with red and dye it brown?

My hair doesn't feel too bad, I put in a leave-in conditioner last night to help it out. It also didn't get too elastic-y during last night's treatment; minimal pulling.

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