So… how was 2022 for you?

With respect to the events of my personal life and not the sociopolitical events of the world - pleasantly intense.

Turned 22, got a concussion which forced me to move back to my home country and defer my master studies for a year. Pretty weird start and my post concussion syndrome didn't get better until March. However, during my unintentional gap year I bonded with my family and childhood friends, visited my sister for two months (stayed in student halls without holding the title of a student ;) ), travelled to the Middle East for the first time, broke up with my 2 1/2 year long boyfriend, worked 14-long shifts for one and a half month to fund my delayed graduation celebration in the UK and of course officially graduated while I got to have crazy fun with my amazing friends from Bachelor's for what was probably the last time for a long time. Finally started my Master's studies in a totally different country and trying to get adjusted since I will be here for the next three years. Finding it a bit hard, away from all my family and friends, single for the first time, but my days have been getting better and better. Risking sounding weird - I am very grateful for this gap year despite the fact it was the result of a brain injury lol. It passed too fast. I'd say I got back a big part of my confidence (not quite there yet) and I realized how much I miss home. The latter in combination with my break up have left me without a solid plan for the future but I have three years to figure that out. Plus, I just had a very short lived intense love story with this Italian boy who had to go back to Italy and I am planning on visiting him very very soon.

P.s: If I hadn't gotten the concussion, and hadn't gone back home, and hadn't spent all the energy my concussed brain had left on scholarship applications, I wouldn't have had the scholarship I have now and would probably have to drop out due to financial reasons.

I never thought I'd say this out loud and please don't come at me, but I'm so glad I fell off that bike that day.

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