Cancel Culture isn't real

Also, capitalism created the trans paradox. Of course the doctors are gonna take their best cosmetic crack at turning water into stone. And of course the better at it they get, the more we'll all look back at what's done now as, again, merely cosmetic. (resting on the beneficial side of mutilation)

What I'd like to direct your attention to, is what logic paved the way for doctors to run amok with the pretension it takes to promise a little boy he can live the life of a girl. But, if they're already permitted to be considered trans, the only reason to transition is for social acceptance. Doctors can't legislate acceptance, nobody can. But they can justify their procedures with the same logic right wingers use to stick up for dangerous people having unbounded rights to conceal and carry assault weapons despite any red flags that may come up. Remember, there are already laws on the books against school shootings so no reason to pass more laws to prevent what is already illegal.

It's sad that right wingers are willing to play loosey goosey with the very lives of their own children, but are entirely unwilling to rely laws already on the books against sexual abuse of children. Their political priorities are completely corrupted.

All I speak is the truth

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