How are Producers allowed to hire in regards to gender and sexual orientation?

Chicago straight white male checking in. I’ve received many emails after inquiring about gigs basically saying ‘we like your work and will keep you on file but we aren’t looking for your demographic for this project’. I’ve also been on the line for many projects only to be replaced last minute by a non-SWM.

I understand it and support the movement whole heartedly, but it’s undeniably... weird. I think what irritates me is when they’re blatantly not actually interested in trying to create equal opportunity but rather can better market the finished product by saying a woman or POC directed/shot/worked on it.

What then really creates convoluted feelings is to hear the people who got the job instead of me complain about discrimination but discredit any of my contributions to the conversation because of my innate gender and race privilege.

It’s just such a sticky subject matter, and creates this weird conflict of interest where unless my mentality is “Hey, I had to skip dinner yesterday but at least my industry is diversifying!” then I’m considered ignorant.

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