How are your relationships with your parents?

Me being a hopeful bitch migh skew this a bit but so far my relationship with my parents is overall good. Both of my parents love and support me but they have some flaws. My mom is AWESOME. She's level headed and understands how I work so if I word something wrong she's patient enough to get me to elaborate which happens too often. My dad is generous to the fucking point to where he spent all of his lay off money from his work on a 2012 Camaro and fucking gave it to me. Buuuuutt here's the bad. Mom is deefffinitely bipolar even though she hasn't been diagnosed. One wrong move and she goes ballistic. For dad, yea I appreciate the generosity and care but... He's not a good person to be around with most of the time... He's racist, biased beyond belief, sexist, you LITERALLY CANT reason with him, if you hurt his pride he will stop at nothing to make you feel miserable, and he has anger issues to the point to where he has the potential of being abusive. He has hit me a couple times but I could tell they were held back and diddnt hurt much so I let it slide. Honestly I don't want to be around my parents rn because of all this shit. Dad stresses me out too much and mom worries me, and I can't tell them because I can't put things into words properly when I speak. Typing things out like this is the best way to form my thoughts. However, I can't help but care for them and I dread the day when they pass away because they are already old to be considered grandparents.

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