How can you LOVE Trump but, HATE Fauci for "telling it like it is"?

It's not about Trump telling it like it is. It is Trump saying how some people feel (no matter how racist or silly it is).

If a figure such as Trump says stuff on a public platform and people relate, they feel validated. It's like finding out your favorite actor or (insert well know person you admire/like) loves the same cereal as you, but instead of cereal it's white supremacy. Oh they're just like you. To these people it doesn't bring that idol down to their humble level, it elevates them to their idol's level.

They feel like they can behave on the same ridiculous level as Trump without consequences because he has gotten away with so much ridiculous stuff.

For me all Trump has done is held a mirror up to America people. You look in the mirror and decide you like what you see or you don't. If you don't, please take the steps to make a real change.

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