How can something so easy and natural for others be so impossible for us?

My theory is that the more intellectual you are, the harder the simple stuff is. It's ironic, but it's something true I've noticed. If you've ever watched The Big Bang Theory, the character Sheldon Cooper is an excellent example (as well as the other main cast, but Sheldon stands out). He's really smart, has all sorts of knowledge, can solve complex problems immediately, but when it comes to basic stuff like understanding sarcasm he's completely lost. The show is exaggerated, of course, but not by much! I think the trend generally is the more book smart you are, the less people skills you have. I think it's because math and science are very predictable, whereas human interaction is never the same and therefore difficult to understand as a logical person. If you were awesome at math in school but hated English and art, that's a big clue! That was me right there, I personally don't think art and English are worth studying at all (besides the basics of English, of course, because you need to know how to write even if it's a poor as my writing skills are lol). Anything that's rigid is good, but stuff that varies and has no definite answer is CRAP! For the average person who thinks math is the hardest subject in school, they're probably more tuned into that artsy-fartsy part of the brain which not only helps you stay motivated in art class, but aids in social interaction skills. This was my 100% unscientific opinion, yo!

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