There is literally 0 chance I will be ever happy in life

Reality is harsh. To much to handle if you aren't ready for it. Some rely on faith to help them. Sone lose it in the process. Listen, if you give up, than you lose. It's okay to fall from grace. If it's about your virginity than just give yourself time. I've been depressed that nothing was ever right, that i couldn't keep a girlfriend much less find one. Now. I still have no woman in my life and things are still questionable. 26years old and i just happen to hold onto the things i hold dear. It doesn't concern anyone else, as i want a woman i love to be the 1st one. And i hope I'm good enough to get the career I'm studying for. Life is a long time, take the time to feel what you need to feel. Work on what you need to work on. Positivity is nice to be around, but without any negativity you never know what you are actually enjoying. Breathe deeply, and take it one day at a time. You and I and everyone else isn't alone in doing just that.

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