How can they turn it around like that, every time??

We live together but he works out of town so he's never ever home.

Treat him like he treats you.

Sure wish we could talk like we used to, feeling disconnected, worried about him, thinking he's doing drugs... we made a deal to talk every night at 7:30 no matter what, to catch up, check in and the last 2 nights I've called, no answer, but he'll text me randomly thru out the day, at his leisure.

He is doing what he wants, so do what you want.

I wanted to talk to him last night, it was my birthday and I was alone and I wanted to talk to my fucking man and he ghosted me. I was worried about him, like almost panicked. Was even trying to figure out how to make sure the kids were taken care of so i could drive my ass 4 hours away to him just to make sure he's okay. Because SURELY something had to be wrong for him not to reply to my text messages or phone calls, on my birthday.

Nothing was wrong. Don't think of him next time.

I tell him wtf I was worried about you and silence... then he gets mad at ME because I didnt reply to a text, and I'm "always mad at him" - which is fucking not true.


He denied your accusation, then attacked, right before casting himself as victim and you as offender.

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