How do I comfort my mom when my younger sister(12F) and I (17F) told her that we were both sexually harassed at young ages?

First of all, I'm sorry that you and your sister have gone through this.

Then, I want to make sure you know that it is okay to feel bad about this. This is an unpleasant, sad thing that happened. And it's totally okay to feel bad about it. Not everybody has to be happy all the time, and once you free yourself from the pressure to always be positive it can be quite freeing.

Your mother's world is reeling. This is never an easy thing to hear, and it's never going to be a pleasant experience. Your mother needs to process her grief and accept that this has occurred. This is a very hard thing for a parent to come to terms with. She feels that she has failed as a mother.

I know that she is your mother and you hate to see her cry, but crying is healthy and normal in these circumstances. It is all a part of healing and moving forward. Please don't think that it is your fault that she is crying, or that it is your responsibility to make her stop crying.

I hope all three of you are all right.

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