How do you deal with the life long trauma of sexual assault when you were never given a resolution?

some of what i did was available to me without limiting me in terms of finding a romantic partner because i'm bisexual. i think i would have done what i've done either way, but i can see how being straight would make my solution untenable to many. but, essentially, i have moved on with my life as best as i can without men in it.

i'm married to another woman, almost all of my friends are women, i work in a women-dominated department, i hire women doctors and realtors and whatevers. i chopped my hair off and haven't been catcalled since. i occupy spaces with other women or queer people, and almost never with cismen. my therapist is another queer woman.

i don't know that i'll phase men (other than relatives) back in, to be honest. i'm not sure i need to. i'm not currently ready to, and i'm ok with that. i feel safer now, and i feel more supported and that my life is, generally speaking, richer than it was before.

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