How does one get past an odd, embarrasing past?

Hey man, I can understand your pain. I'm going through with the exact same thing, just in the opposite! I was the cool, popular and loved kid in my classes. I was good with everyone in my class. People liked to talk with me, didn't look at me in a weird way, and even if I never had a date, it turned out that my crush even had a crush on me! (Never knew it back then)

And now, I dropped out, became so much uglier, my family has given up all the hope in me (2-3 family members know that I'm depressed and seriously , so far they even didn't just ask me if I'm ok) I've become anxious, I lost all my friends, all my chances to get a good job, to ever get a girlfriend.

Now I'm alone, staying home, crying all night secretly while letting my sadness out on the internet.

If you want to talk to someone, please feel free to message me! :)

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