"How do you know you don't like him,

I had connection in school with girls I never spoken more than two words too. And from reading your post. I think you like a person when you emotionally invested into a person and sense that tension

But I’m reality it really is easy to get a guy if you wanted, what love got to do with it. So by that decide who you want to be with

But I understand the importance of connection but that’s a problem many women have and it’s annoying.

The girls I had Rizzed or whatever of the kick I probably should of aimed to hook up with them rather than be lame and not do anything

Because that would be making a fantasy come true for women I guess like I don’t get it. I’ma stop talking

I get that you aren’t thinking sex exactly but you are and you shouldn’t think you are gay

Women tend to be attracted to words and sweet nothings and so on

Men are too but rarely get compliments so it’s like all we got to be attracted is the body of a person

Not what they say

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