AITA for arguing with my MIL because she bought my daughter a tablet?

I don’t want my daughter addicted to electronics at such a young age, nor do I want her potentially being exposed to inappropriate things for her age. I saw messed up shit when I was a child online and it affected me a lot. I’m not taking that risk with my daughter. There’s no reason in my eyes that a 6 year old needs such a device, restrictions or not. She’s allowed to watch cartoons, she has limited computer access that I always monitor (she’s only allowed to play games we approve) and there’s no internet connected. She plays outside almost everyday, she has her many toys, art supplies and more. The last thing she needs is to be addicted to a device that will only harm her in the long-run

Sorry, but no. There’s many reasons why I don’t allow her to have her own device

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