How good is your math?

No seriously. If sth is wrong then it must be from the Qur'an. Yehi bola na tu. Chutiya. It's people like you who are the downfall of our nice peaceful country.

Let me tell you the whole thing. For people who are reading this, here is the other post for context.

First you fought for a guy who quoted Gita on a post nothing to do with religion. Then when I pointed that out you asked me to shut up (without any reason). And now you very conveniently mention Qur'an. That was impromptu btw. So you clearly showed what an Islamophobe you are

Yogi ban ja. Fir chief minister ban jaio. Fir national TV pe apna lund Gyan pelio.

I'll see what other chutiya Gyan you shit out on reddit. You'll find me there to oppose you. You've made a very bad enemy.

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