How come the Habs haven’t signed St. Louis yet?

After all the talk about new coaching styles, not playing with systems, letting the best players read plays and then turning around and once again hiring a retread? God that would be disappointing. Might as well bring in Therrien to while we're at it. He can make Suzuki and Caufield better people like he did with PK.

No way Vigneault coaches this team imo. Now, when St Luis came here I thought he might be there to read the room, make recommendations and then take up another job but if that happens I'm sure they'd put someone in place with the right attitude to advance this team not drag it back to the 90's.

Enough of the retreaded coaches. We've tried that shtick - twice. Didnt work either time. I dont see this management team going down that road and if they did, any hope I had of a decent rebuild/reset would fly out the window.

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