How to incorporate menswear while keeping a streetwear look

Alright lil bruh, here's the business: I dress like this every damn DAY. My workplace is "business casual" (whatever that means), but relaxed khaki slacks and square toed dress shoes are for the fucking BIRDS. I've turned my style into what I can only describe as "intelligently ignorant". As a college student, I know the #brokelife struggle, so here's my guide to effortlessly merging menswear and streetwear on the cheap.


I like black. It's my signature color for any occasion. It's sleek, it's cool, and you can add in color wherever you see fit. Usually I go all black, with black kicks, black 511's or joggers, a black button down shirt or polo, black jacket or hoodie, and black coat. It's straight cake to go all black and wear more casual pieces because it looks so fucking slick. I also like to go with a camo piece on occasion with black, like all black with camo joggers or all black with a camo button down. Navy and white usually looks pretty professional too, like a navy/white striped polo, a navy jacket, slim tan khakis, and some brown or navy kicks. Other combos that rock are black/camo black/red, black/white (that's me!), camo/white, grey/black and grey/white. They're all mad easy to pull off together if you have two brain cells and a little steez.


So T-Shirts are frowned upon up in the office, and you say you're supposed to wear dress shirts. In this situation the go-to is a polo for comfort, and a button-down for formality. Some favorites for polos are Target for basic colors and stripes on the cheap, as well as mid-priced American Eagle (though sometimes their branding can be obnoxiously large) and Gap, and on the mid-high end J Crew.

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