How many "friend zoned" guys does it take to change a lightbulb?

Should the male be chosen even though he is physically weaker?

Obviously the woman would be the better choice, but like you said...

There is one thing where women and men are not equal. That is physical strength.

...and that is an example of inequality that isn't unjust. It's just fact.

If a woman wants to be a soldier, she can be one if she passes the physical requirements

I agree, but let's see how they're doing so far...oh, they're 0 for 29 in the Marine infantry.

It's thanks to feminism that women are allowed to vote, earn money, make decisions about their lives themselves, ...

The grievances of 1st- and 2nd-wave feminism applied to major facets of business, politics, and economics. Women weren't allowed to vote - now they are. Women were pigeon-holed as homemakers - now they're in all levels of industry/politics. Women weren't paid as much as men for the same positions, and employers were getting away with it - now federal legal action can be taken against those employers.

3rd-wave feminism is still around to remind people to follow these rules. What grievances are left at this point? Apparently, the only grievances left are petty things like this: low office thermostat temps are the result of patriarchy.

I don't have any desire to undo the strides made by 1st- or 2nd-wave feminism. I don't want to stop women from trying to be soldiers or CEOs or whatever it is they want to get out of life. The things I take issue with when it comes to feminism and egalitarianism are solely within the realm of the dating/marriage game, which is what TRP primarily addresses in its philosophies. Outside of that, feminism is, overall, a benefit to society.

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