How do to tell your best friend that his girlfriend is cheating on him ?

I was in this situation. I cheated on my college boyfriend with his best friend. It was a drunken night after college graduation. Me and the friend had liked each other for a while but.. eh. Anyway, a night of drinking and a rare opportunity, he made a move - took a chance.

We only played that game for like a week, waited for my boyfriend to drive back to his home State and broke up with him. Didn't want him to be pissed when driving and risk an accident.

I MARRIED that guy, the friend. We're still married. We've been together more than a decade. Fuck the noise of people yelling at you. She's not married, it's dating. We date to find the person we actually want to be with.

However, figure it out. Fast. If you and this girl want each other, make it happen. Be decisive and don't dick around. If she's hesitant, she's playing you.

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