How were you introduced to your favorite musical artist/s?

I really started to discover my music tastes around 13 or 14 years old. The good old days when you would download a bunch of viruses off limewire and pick a few songs to burn to a CD. I always had a really broad taste in music and I used to watch CMT with my dad every morning before school, they would have like a top 20 music video count down. Well Alan Jackson's Where Were You was really popular for quite awhile on that list, and I loved it because of all of the emotion, emotional music just makes for better songs imo.

Well a couple years later while I'm looking for new music on limewire, Where Were You pops into my head, I decided to look on ask jeeves for some other songs about 9/11. Sage Francis' Makeshift Patriot pops up on the list and that song was a banger. I start looking into all of his other songs and 90% of his music is perfect for my tastes in hiphop. He has a collab called the Orphanage, with Aesop Rock, Slug, Eyedia, Blueprint, Illogic and DJ Abilities. So I start checking out all of them, which got me really into Rhymesayers, with Atmosphere, and MF Doom.

All in all most of those artists are still on a lot of my playlist. Aesop Rock has a newer album called Sprit World Field Guide that just took over as my favorite album.

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