However you feed your baby is okay! Fed IS best. But stop the crap saying how much milk you produce and how your kids are ‘exclusively breast fed’.

While I don’t doubt she uses a SNS sometimes, I think a lot of her baby at breast is dry nursing:

I did this with my ex girlfriend’s baby when we were together. I took meds to bring in milk but o could never pump more than a couple ounces all day. I tried the SNS but my girlfriend’s milk had an enzyme that made any expressed milk quickly change to a soapy flavor.

We both “nursed” the baby until she was 2. It made it easier to soothe her for naps and when she was fussy.

I don’t have an issue with the babies at the breast. I do, however, take issue with her “supply”. However, if she admitted to not lactating that could lead to why she wasn’t actually pregnant.

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