I met up with one of our Subtle Field Operatives in Enemy Moba territories

Once you understand what a circlejerk is, maybe you would understand what I am saying here. I didn't realize something so simple would be so complex for you. I hate to go against my word, but I can't hold back anymore.

You say this is a "funny" post and "I don't understand simple humor". How is this humorous?

OP plays Smite, obviously. Apparently, he frequents /r/Smite, you follow?. This guy made a League of Legends account called "SmiteIsWayBetter". Why would he do this? Hmm? So he could go onto LoL and say "Smite is way better than LoL" (seems obvious, huh?)

Now, he took screenshots of this and posted it here to get attention. Yes, if you make a joke, it is for attention. Anyone who has ever made a joke understands that you do it to make people laugh.

Now, let me explain how the only benefit from this is a circlejerk. Instead of OP posting screenshot of 5 different Ymirs, or a hilariously annoying team comp in todays MOTD, he went into a game that people already assume is "the enemy" since it is a competitor of Smite and made dumb jokes about how Smite is superior. For example -

P.S. Should be noted that I scored two Quadra Kills in this Match after discover the Swain strategy of pressing R, following by Going Ham

Smite humor should be stuff that is funny, like a gif of Nu Wa minions avoiding a 1 health target and instead aggro-ing the Fire Giant, or a Gif of Lassiz eating his dog (Was on the front page before, I can't make this shit up). Something Smite related we all understand and can relate to. Not a screen shot of a different game that will only warrant a response of "lol you are right Smite IS way better lol hahaha".

So, to wrap this all up, all I simply said to start your white knight tirade was "Lets not purposely start circlejerks". We don't need that here. What good is a post of us just talking shit? What if this hit top page, and someone from the LoL community saw it, thought it was real, and started ranting and making us look even worse than we already do to them?

Once again, all this does is make the Smite community look bad.

/end rant

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