I'd like to remember that Hi-Rez is a good company.

I used to be in love in Smite and recommended it to all my friends like a blind fanboy, but now I have some problems that started growing in the past year.

  1. Microtransactions - there are more and more exclusive skins, more chests and more timed events that kind of force you to waste your money on random rewards to get to the thing that you like. I hate gambling and RNG and when I joined Smite it had none of it, now it's a standard. I guess I can't blame Hi-Rez for that, more like the whole gaming industry that got greedy. CS:GO had their skin cases, now Overwatch got lootboxes, you can't just give a company money and get what you want anymore.

  2. New gods - let's put balance aside. I have mixed feelings about them. They're cool and fun gods, cool and fun to the point that a lot of older gods feel boring, basic and I feel kind of jelous about it. Season 1 would be like "let's make an AoE that damages and slows", now it's like "let's make an AoE that damages, slow, interacts with other ability and maybe has some positive effects on allies too". I have nothing against how the gods are designed now, I just wish the older ones were reworked in some way to make their kit more rewarding instead of being one-trick ponies.

  3. Patch consistency - I feel like some patches are rushed just to fill the recent 2-week schedule. I'd prefer something less frequent, but more solid. I also noticed the "budget cuts" for animations. First the login screen was replaced with 1 image for every new god, then the 3D lobby was removed, because the one-time animations weren't worth doing, then I noticed how little emotes we get. There's a lot of feedback about visual tweaks or color changes that overwhelming majority agrees to and clearly get noticed by Hi-Rez staff, but still just get shoved under a rug numerous times and become a meme. Biggest I remember are Raijin drumsticks, Sol's weirdly shaped ass, models not matching the cards (Ravana recolor is like complete fucking reverse), redheads not being redheads, Cyberpunk Nezha poorly attached to his new skeleton, Frost Maiden Freya using her old ugly face and body, Ra and Zeus beta skins that are just an insult to chest buyers, still Retro Nu Wa, because it requires more work than just putting the model back to the game. All it takes for most of it is just some passion, but I guess this term is not on the priority list anymore.

It doesn't feel like the same company I've seen 2 years ago.

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