[Idea] Multiple Base Capture Systems

The old ways of planetside 2 were horrible.. you could just go wherever you wanted and it would split up factions a bunch. you wouldn't get those sweet foot zergs to the next base or armor columns rolling from one cap to the next.

the "adjecant only" system is ESSENTIAL for the flow of battle to be somewhat predictable and manageable.

I feel that planetside 2's capturing system lacks variance. it's just 'redeploy here and stand on a point'

bring back planetside 1 cap styles.

lattice system but with some bases (not all) that have gimmicks instead of simply 'hold control points for a time'.

some bases could have a capture the flag mechanic like taking a glowing orb from an adjacent base to the one you're capturing (what were those called.. interlink facilities?)


ntu silos or command console viruses were a thing.

I feel like one of the problems planetside 2 suffers from is that most of the bases just feel samey so it's easy to simply send a bunch of guys everywhere and plop them on unprotected points.

having multiple shield generators introduced to amp stations was a step in the right direction a few years ago but then development on capture systems kinda stalled.

If a base has a gimmick to capture it, people would have to think differently about which directions they would want to move their forces other than just 'how much pop is where' and 'how big is the base'

I dunno. my opinion is probably the unpopular one and I don't think I'm doing the argument justice, but I feel like more base capturing mechanics would create a lot more diversity (and fun).


inter-continental lattice system. force factions to fight on the same continent (or towards the same cause on a different continent) instead of being split over several continents ghost capping uncontested .

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