Idk how bad/gross this is

I was 18 working at a hotel. I’d be there when the maids left, and one summer there were many hot girls my age working there. One was a brunette w glasses. When everyone left i went into her locker (they were all unlocked/opened) and took her shoes into a washroom. I was very excited, i had never done this before, im into feet, but not shoes. I was curious as to what they smelled like tho. I put my face deep into each shoe. Smelled a lot. They were just used after an 8 hour work day. I loved that i was smelling what no one else could. I think they were size 7. I got onto my knees, unzipped and gave a few strokes and i finished on the toilet seat. My cum didnt touch the shoes at all. I then put them back the way they were. Dont leave your shoes at work girls, thats what this storie’s about.

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