If you could change the way how sex education is taught in schools, how would you have it?

"OK Everyone, time to pick a partner" The words echoed through my mind, bouncing off the walls of my consciousness, freezing my very being in place. "KATIE!!", the words shook me back to reality, as Davie Peterson and Michael Boyd barrelled past me, sprinting like hyenas towards the frail and beautiful giselle that was Katie Maxwell, her entrancing face showing no disgust as the two 6" football players fought after her like animals. "Oh, well I guess we're going to have a threesome this session" Miss Barkely excitedly uttered, as all the 4s, 5s and 6s around me awkwardly picked partners the thought wriggled into my mind. I had not moved in over two minutes now, as I looked around the room like a vulture scanning for a rotten carcass, the rumbling in my bowels intensified, the thought of my 8 year long crush being pounded by my 10 year long bullies made the anger in my heart reach unbearable levels. "FUCK THIS SHIT" I screamed as I pulled my cargo shorts down, as I gripped the elastic of my boxers the gates of hell opened upon the room, my unholy waste launching from my anus like the backfeeder of a woodchipper all over the unfortunate individuals behind me, the screams emitting from my classmates was... arousing, after what felt like a millennia of wondrous expulsion, the reserves of green wet shit ran dry, supposedly ending the madness.... Oh no, this is just the beginning, I pulled the Glock 17 from my now unsightly backpack, the aroma warping around me like the stars to the centre of a black hole, I fired upon my ignorant colleagues like the vulnerable cubs they were, the room was now a magnificent canvass of green and maroon as screams, oh I can't be fucked finishing this. He shoots up his school after shitting all over his classmates then gets hit by a bus the end.

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