If the English language was entirely phonetic, wouldn't that eliminate illiteracy and also drastically reduce the amount of school time required to learn to read?

Well said. One thing to note though is that since English already has redundancy, some letters would be freed up. We don't need a Q or an X since those sounds are already accomplished with KW and KS. We could use them to represent the SH sound, etc. Or add more letters worst case. I feel pretty certain every English sound could be accomplished with about 30 letters worst case.

I agree on the practice, but that's just for current generations of people who read under the current standards. Yeah, adapting would be a bitch, but the long term benefits would seem to outweigh our short term issues with adaption. As an example, look at other countries that adapted to the metric system. I am sure it was annoying for plenty of folks, but they adapted.

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