If you had to describe a '40-year-old loser' how would you do it?

Blames others for their problems, I like that. It is something good to ask when you are volunteered for something you have no idea about, tried for 5 years to find out about, had people ignore and ghost you, tried a whole bunch of times to improve and got stonewalled because well others know more than me.

My internet traffic was disrupted repeatedly over the years when I was working at my writing. I was given two jobs where others knew what was going on with me, and made it as difficult as possible. My internet traffic was intentionally disrupted so I could not make enough money. My hours are being cut to be pressured into accepting an offer I don’t want.

But yeah, I am blaming others for my problems? No. I am blaming others who have caused me problems without explanation. Thanks .

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