If you say “I’m smart” people automatically think you’re not smart.

It's really annoying when you're skilled in things you aren't allowed to talk about. Anyone can say how good they are at sports and everyone accepts it. No one think you're rude if you say, "I'm good at basketball." But for some reason if your skill is in your intelligence and not your athleticism, you can't say it.

It makes talking about your shared interests very difficult. Since me trying to find someone who knows what I know is considered condescending when talking to someone who doesn't know. Talking about my interests is a minefield where I always have to play dumber than I am and try to hint at things to see if that other person can talk about them.

And I can't even complain about it because whenever I do, that too is considered rude.

I also make a lot of money but can't talk about that either because it's rude! It's frustrating when others brag to you and it's not rude, but the second you even mention what's factually happening in your life it's considered rude bragging.

Why can't we just treat intelligence like skill at a sports game and let people talk about it freely? That'd be nice.

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