If most people in Saudi hate Shia in Eastern Provenience, then why don't they let them secede once oil runs out?

do new youngsters really get hurt by tweets and Facebook postings ? Don't anyone know that masquerading is a widely and wildly used scheme for spreading propaganda on the interwebz ? Seriously ? you define your life and future and strategic goals based on internet comments ? .

Bigoted speech doesn't come from thin air, it materialise in physical violence like the attacks on the Shia in Ahsa during Ashura and the ruthless beatings and killings civilians received during the Qatif protests. I couldn't care less about Internet comments, I care a lot about what the bigots running the accounts are willing to do.

Say you want to secede . How are you as an infant nation going to get by ? Who will build your infrastructure ? who will be the defense force for your seceded nation ?

Prior to the conquest of the Qatif and Ahsa we enjoyed a lot of autonomy under the Turkish Ottomans more than anything the Arab kingdom has offered.

Our bets without someone suffocating us are way higher than the opposite. If that fails we can join a union with our brothers in South Iraq and Bahrain, at the very least they will treat us better than the kingdom does.

How will trade take place between you and other nations , given that your closest nation that you can trade with is one that you separated from by choice ( hypothetically )

Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and many more are potential trade partners and we can have many more non-Arab partners with our access to the sea. The world doesn't end with Saudi Arabia, Israel has no land based trading partners and is still flourishing.

You have a lack of strategic thinking , and think that running a country is like running your apartment . Shit , even running your apartment is kinda tough.

At the very least we will do a better job than what is currently being offered.

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