If you’re an adult virgin or saving yourself for marriage, there’s NOTHING wrong with you.

In general every person should learn about themselves with masturbation and self-care.

That's part of it, sure. However, I'll argue that you can't know what you want from a sexual partner through masturbation.

REGARDLESS - marrying someone before having sex with them is insanity. Even if you know what you want, and think they're a good match, there's no way to know if you're sexually compatible. It's a roll of the dice.

I'm 32, and have just started dating someone new. The sex is off the charts and incomparable to anything I've ever had before with more than 50 past partners. It's made me rethink what I actually want from a partner.

I learned myself that I'm a gray-ace (aka very low sexual attraction), that I really just want one person I love and not a bunch of randos. I need to get into it slowly to feel comfortable. Trust the other person. That doesn't work shit with hookups.

That's fine! Each to their own journey. I'm criticising the notion of marrying without ever having sex before.

Also... all those things you said are extremely common. Most people don't want meaningless hookups. They want something of substance.

My argument is that you need to explore a little to find out what you actually like/want.

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