If Tim Duncan is the greatest PF ever, and Jordan is the best SG, who are the GOATs at the other 3 positions?

Wilt or Kareem would the top center in the game today.

Kareem had GOAT-tier footwork, overpowering speed and first step, and an unblockable shot in the Sky Hook. He would embarrass Embiid or Giannis trying to defend him just like he frequently embarrassed other players who would be All-NBA like Moses Malone, Artis Gilmore, and Wes Unseld. Every center since 1980's has tried and no one has managed. Sure, Giannis would do better than Wes Unseld, but no one's stopping him from getting 35/13/4 with 3 blocks and some Sports-Center-level floaters.

Also the "advances in training and metrics" stuff I hear all the time is so confusing. I'm not saying there haven't been advances, but some of you younger fans seem to think that means the newer GOAT-level players are literally bigger and stronger and faster? They're not. If anything our modern understanding of spacing and metrics has made it easier for guys like Embiid to operate because you don't have a power forward clogging the lane.

If you don't believe me watch some highlights and show me clips of Embiid doing stuff like that.

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