If you were in HITLER's shoes, and you still had to follow through with his master plan, what would you do differently to achieve success?

I would occasionally listen to my advisor's on the basis that they may give me good advice.

I would really try to avoid a two front war if at all possible. And if it isn't possible I would at least try to do it more competently.

I would try to convince the Japanese to avoid attack the US and try to get them to concentrate on Russia instead.

As long as the US is still pseudo neutral I would hire some PR or propaganda firms over there to publish all the evil things that the communists do.

But the US really isn't as much of a problem as Russia. something needs to be done about them. Perhaps one might convince the British people that a truce of some sort is in their interest so that one could draw down the western front and get into some stable situation in the east.

Convince the rest of the world to stop fighting and supporting the evil communists and wait them out in a war of attrition.

Then turn back and conquer the rest of the world.

At some point one also would have to address all that racism stuff. Pause the final solution and come up with some plan to 'convert' evil Jews etc into productive members of German society. It would take some doing to convince people, but they swallowed a temporary pact with the Soviets too.

The next step of the plan would involve getting proxies to fight for me rather than doing everything myself.

The Americans have all sorts of minorities that are oppressed so maybe inciting some peaceful protests could help. Their government would crack down on everyone protesting which could incite riots and in the end create enough of racial unrest to divert attention away from interfering in the rest of the world.

Similarly one would need to jump start a few rebellions in all those British and French colonies to keep those busy.

At the same time greater cooperation with Japan is called for in grinding down the Soviets...

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