If the whole Economy goes close to a full blown depression, What stocks should I buy?

You're not thinking through this very clearly.

I was raised by someone who lived through The Great Depression. They were worried about stocks. At least in these areas, they were worried about food and other essentials. People had to work together, they traded with each other. Each person of family producing or growing what was needed, helping each other prepare for winter, and more. They were eating watered down tomato soup mixed with flour if they could get it, and making or maintaining clothing from the flour sacks.

If we continue on this trajectory with the uber wealthy sucking up all land and properties, and the rest of us being crushed under the burden of serving everything up to them, then it will not play out that way this time. And everyone knows it. First, their greed will ruin them. People that do know how to survive will NOT serve it up to them nor will they trade with them. They've sat on their asses collecting from the labor of others for too long, for generations. Second, think about it. How many people these days actually do know how to produce, create, build, plan, and survive.... IF and only if they have the land and property and tools to do it?

It'll be different this time. Very different.

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