Indian Army: Defence Ministry approves procurement of 73,000 assault rifles from US

Incompetent and inefficient Public sector enterprises and too much government regulations for private sector. Private companies could not even manufacture guns till recently. First their proposal would not get any approval from respective ministries. Even if they get approval, they will need to design, test and produce some samples. All this requires sophisticated engineering and know how which may take years if not decades to master and most importantly funding for all this R&D. And then in the end the product may be rejected and one will not recoup even their costs. Our procurement mechanism is shitty and we love to support foreign companies rather than supporting our own fledgling industry. For it to improve we need to support our own private industry and even put up with, their not the best products in the market that they may offer, for maybe few decades until the industry matures and is capable enough to compete. Until that happens we will only buy from other countries.

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