Indian skincare brands you either hate, you won't buy from, you won't recommend or you are sceptical about!

Honestly, I'm not sure if its too early for me to share this, but I had bought their niacinamide.

But before I dive into this, I have oily+dry skin. My face can get super dry, leading to acne. I do have PIH and a good amount of scars left from acne and as well as open pores. All this, I have accumulated for at least more than 10 years.

When I ordered Dermaco's Niacinamide, I had heavy face of acne and scars. Scars because I always pick my acne and never let it heal completely.

It can super late (two weeks from order date) due to lockdown but no complaints in that department.

I patch tested it for a day or two and then started using it fully. I didn't notice much of a difference for the first 3-4 days and then noticed that my skin is starting to become dry. Like it was difficulty to stretch my skin or even smile without contracting the muscles because the serum had completely destroyed my moisture barrier.

But this was also my fault because I did not apply any sort of moisturizing product and just straight away introduced the serum to my skin.

So after two full weeks, I started using Dermafique Cell by Cell toner first and then applied my serum.

I swear it made a world's difference in over 6 days. My skin is currently supply, my pores appear smaller in size and a bit more clean. My acne marks are fading and I dont have any new acne (touchfuckingwood).

I'm not sure if that serum is for everyone, but it kinda worked me till now.

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