INFJ Women: Do you Prefer INTPs or ENTPs?

I'm an INTP, and I get along great with INFJs. I tend to attract a few INFJs, but I don't understand how or why. I like them a lot. The following is me struggling to understand this.

I seem to be one of the very few, if not the only type, who is objective enough to realize their weirdly manipulative emotional jedi-like power, but that still doesn't grant me full immunity to it. But with great power comes great responsibility. INFJs can get really upset, too, and the xNxJ aspect makes them want to be the rational, strong, hard worker to get through it. The close I have gotten to consoling someone was offering to send a lag bomb computer program I made as a result of experimentation to the people who made my friend upset, which was politely declined, but I think the thought counted.

I know it's not my place to judge, and I don't even pretend to understand emotion. This and this are examples of INTP characters dealing with emotion from others, and I can confirm their accuracy. I think I'm a pretty loyal companion through all of it. I'm not sure, because it's it's a subjective thing, but I try to be. I never try to weaponize emotions to hurt people or whatever, which society does quite commonly. I mean well, despite reportedly appearing so cold that my friends were surprised when I mentioned I had a pet cat. I suppose I can take a lot of emotional nonsense without dishing any out, because incoming emotional drama holds no logical ground and is quite easily dismissed without harm. I don't really hold grudges.

INFJs are really nice and smart. I appreciate their outlook on things, even when I don't understand it sometimes. We're both very uncommon and misunderstood in the real world. We share the same peculiar, clever thinking in some ways, but you guys have a better understanding of people and have your shit together, while we are super rational weirdos that you must find some appeal in I am not understanding. I marvel at my own rarity, striving to one day fully understand and blend in with humans. My Fe, the analysis of how everybody feels in a situation and why, typically kicks in 5-10 seconds after I am involved in an interaction. I'm trying to lower that response time and hold back on the cold brutal honesty, and studying body language so I pick up some of it in the moment. Still, chances are I'll forget to notice it, sort of like knowing when you're dreaming.

Meanwhile, INFJs use emotion to bring humans to their own causes and ways of thinking. While you may be Gandhi, you can be pretty major bad guys if you use your powers for evil. And while INFJs are the ones to raise a Third Reich, the one infamous INTP was Hitler's Chief Architect. We are robots, and you are unicorns. That's as good a pair as any. If that's not a golden pair, I don't know what is.

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