Saying he hasn’t got a PS5 yet, when he posted he did less than a week ago.

I made a comment last night and wanted to add something, but 5 minutes passed. To prevent the edit asterisk, I deleted it and reposted it with my additional statement. Someone replied: 1) quoting the text, 2) taking a screenshot of the comment, 3) uploading the screenshot and posting the link, and 4) tagging me while saying they "undeleted what I said"...assuming I guess that my comment deletion meant I must be hiding something or had regretted it.

The hard-on people have for these pathetic gotcha attempts. This is the victory and glory they chase.

"According to my research, you indeed do NOT have a PS5."

[and the whole internet erupted in applause]

"The SpongeBob Meme is fraudulent!"

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