Insecure about the number of guys I've had sex with. [20F]

"Yeah, but because of the way you write, yours was a comment that conveyed someone young and impressionable. I have hope for the young ones like yourself. Men and women have been at odds for ages, but all this scripted shit regurgitated all over this thread is a bizarre social movement taking a step back instead of forward. I understand how some traditional gender roles can be beneficial, but this all is a step too far, on par with weird religious sects made by men for the benefit of men. I hope you all know how many women you're driving away, and I hope you guys keep it behind anonymous reddit names, because once this phase is over, you'll want to join the herd of "normals" again. No doubt some will stay true to the tenets of your "faith," and they'll keep each other company. Don't think I could ever date someone who ever spouted this crap, even if they'd changed. Someone in this thread somehwere made a great comment about potential studies on the movement, itself. I'd genuinely love to read some in-depth analysis on what leads men (and their Stockholm women) to join such a social movement. I can only imagine subscribing to such beliefs (a code? Rules? Scripts?) is driven by insecurity, poor self image, identity confusion, and anger (which is really sadness)."

Why are you downvoting every comment I make?

In any case, it's not like I'm the only person in this thread to think this. In fact, this is /r/sex; of course everyone's going to be like "oh hun, as long as you're protected, nobody cares about the numbers!", so the fact that there are people in this thread that says it's off putting actually surprises me. In reality, the average person you see everyday; they think it's gross. She has has a different sex partner every month from the age of 14, on average. In a potential long-term relationship, that is a turn off to 95% of the general population. The "normals" have this same opinion, and if they don't, well good for them to be willing to look past that. For me, personally, and I'm positive there's plenty of people like me based on the comments of the thread, I will never date someone with that many different dicks inside them. It tells me something about their life-style, decision making, impulsiveness, and you already know she sleeps around. Sure she may stop in the relationship but the odds are better that she doesn't if she only had 4 partners as opposed to 70.

It's not scripts or codes; it's standards. That's like saying "You won't date a smoker? There's plenty of casual smokers out there that are fantastic people! I would never date someone so judgmental to judge what people do with their money and their health; it's their choice! I can only imagine subscribing to some code that puts you off smokers". It's a preference and a deal breaker. I'm sure you have your own; don't judge people for having different ones that yours. The condescension is unnecessary by the way.

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