Integrity will remain a pipe dream

Especially if they were non responsive, you ask if you can touch them, no response means yes in these situations, they could only get legal if they Can respond with a clear no, shake there head, wave there hand defensively something, no response is yes.

This law was made to protect people trying to save someone life and hopefully encourage you to try.

There is no chance she will win, it would compromise the entire trust and point of the law, you are legally allowed to save someone's life unless they tell you otherwise. Injuries incurred while attempting to save someone's life are not on you at all.

Even if they have a do not resuscitate card unless they specifically tell you they have one you're still good. It's a pretty great law in my opinion.

On a side note, very good job, must have been pretty stressful, don't let this get to you. You did the right thing.

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