Ireland just said yes to abortion so now it's Mohammadland!

There are no go zones in my own country. I could get killed for looking at someone in Atlanta the wrong way just because I'm white. And I would be the one at fault. That's why I left Atlanta. The police (APD is majority black) won't help me. They hate me because of something I have no control over and an ideology that I don't even believe. I had to walk from Georgia State University to the CNN Center (about a mile) with a friend of mine (who happens to be black). I had to keep my head down except to read a road sign. Simply because I'm white. Friend was fine, as she was incapable of being in the wrong. Because she was black.

There are no go zones in every US city. We don't broadcast it explicitly, but you know from living near them that there are places that you just cannot go or otherwise risk getting hurt or killed. As a white person, you don't go to South Dallas, you don't go to Southwest and Downtown Atlanta unless you have to. The police serve the minorities in those cities first, and get to the whites afterwards. I don't think the rest of the world understands just how racist our major cities are. The rural areas have chilled out, and the cities can continue their regimes of racism against whites under the guise of diversity. And I mean that with all seriousness.

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