ISIS Takes Tatooine As Tourists Warned Away From 'Star Wars' Locations In Tunisia

Explaining a joke does not make said joke any less ignorant, insensitive or vile for those who perceive it as such. Everything you just said is from the perspective of you, the maker of said joke and those who find it funny.

Jokes and opinions on them are subjective. It's fine if you don't agree with me, just as I don't agree with you. For me it's a vile and disgusting joke for many reasons.

Disagreeing with me is one thing, telling me why I shouldn't find it offensive or why it's clever and not offensive is ignorant. That's purely your biased perception of it. You are absolutely not in a position to imply why it shouldn't be offensive. The very notion that you think a simple explanation of the "joke" will suddenly make it less offensive and vile for someone else is arrogant and selfish. Do you not understand that you not being a Muslim and not understanding the importance of Mecca to a Muslim makes your view on whether it's offensive or not null and void?

That's also not the only reason why it's offensive. The vast majority of ISIS's victims are Muslims. ISIS is a real threat to the Muslim world first and foremost. Both because they outright murder Muslims, but also because they destroy much of what is dear to Muslims, insult and threaten much of what is dear to Muslims and contribute to non-Muslims having a negative opinion on Muslims by seeing ISIS as an example of Islam.

They're pretty much our number 1 enemy at this moment, more so than they are for any non-Muslim. This enemy of ours is actually out to destroying Mecca and if they could, they would.

So we end up with ISIS murdering Muslims left and right and contributing to the rest of the world having a negative opinion on Muslims because of them. They also oppose Mecca and wish to destroy them. Then comes this random person who "jokes" about destroying Mecca because they believe that somehow it's a clever and witty analogy in this context.

This joke is the epitome of ignorance and insensitivity and the fact that you're not able to remotely grasp that and shrug it off with "lol it's le epic joke man don't rustle your jimmies" says a lot about you.

Don't tell me what is or isn't offensive to others. I'm not here to tell you what you can't find funny. I'm here to express my disgust towards those who do. I'm not stopping you from making the jokes. I'm here to call you out.

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