Islamist militants have abducted 20 Egyptian Christians in Libya in recent days

The fighter jets made the difference, had it not been for them, Qaddafi was slated to take the country back.

The problem in Israel is that nobody wants to take the actions to punish Israel for war crimes. That does not mean people shout sit by and let hundreds of thousands of Palestinians be murdered in Palestine though. Most people who are opposed to action in Israel are usually pro Al Qaeda and pro Israel who should not be listened to.

Also, something tells me if I click on your username, I will find mostly pro-Israel nonsense... click


The UN that puts Libya and Saudi Arabia among others on the human rights commission? Yeah you think they are non biased I have a bridge in NYC to sell you. They rely on oil monarchies for donations and funding, their organistions are biased just like Human Rights watch and others. Notice there are no investigations into any of the surrounding countries nor the Palestinians themselves. Or the horrible treatment of Palestinians in Lebanon and Egypt. Because the orgs are paid off to scapegoat Israel. sorry to tell you the truth, looks like you are still in denial. some people cannot be led to water they need to find it themselves.


Guys? so you're talking to the voices in your head. Figures. Go back to your moms basement dreaming of jihad. You have no education to debate like an expert, and you act like a child after I destroyed your pathetic bigoted arguments. and more nonsense to show you know nothing about the world You linked a chart that has ZERO military aid until the mid 1950's and only $500,000 for a couple years until the 60's. That is your proof that Israel completely relied on America? Unbelievable. Good job proving my point unintentionally. America did not care about Israel until long after their independence war of 1948. America cared about the oil rich monarchies in the region.


You people are so transparent

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