Why isn't the Federal Minumum Wage in the U.S. tied directly to the Cost-of-Living index for each zip code, city, whatever?

It seems like your seriously underestimating the controversy that has always surrounded minimum wage. Plus there are a lot of zip codes in the US, I think your also underestimating the administrative challenge of complying with such a messy system (having several different minimum wages that could apply to different people on your payroll).

Then theres the political side of it. People who dislike any minimum wage will naturally be opposed as will people who would prefer routine hikes for political purposes.

The truth is a minimum wage would compensate everyone more effectively. But you keep talking about it like pegging the minimum wage to a CPI or inflation is an idea that’s never been kicked around before and it’s an obvious solution staring us in the face.

Everyone knows cost of living is a huge issue with minimum wage.

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