Jeremy Lin on violence to Asians: “I’ve always said that in the long run, it can’t only be Asians caring about Asian issues, or African Americans caring about African American issues. We as minorities also have to collaborate, unify and use our voices and stand up for each other.”

Honestly, every "race" is racist against others. Everyone makes fun of different people. I'm an American born in the US but I'm ethnically Indian.

People talk shit about the caste system and how horrible it is but that shit exists in the US and every first world country, it just 'looks' different. If you look at top posts that have India in the title and go to the comments, just read them. Making fun of a country of 1.3B people, saying how horrible the culture is, how filthy it is, all the while making themselves feel better about their country.

Dude, we're a first world nation and people died because they got too cold because TX couldn't handle freezing temperatures. Imagine that. You have people in the US hating liberals or hating Trumpers. The hate Indians spew against each other is the same shit in this country and EVERY country.

PC culture and Cancel Culture get is SO fucking wrong which is why it will NEVER win. We MUST acknowledge our differences and understand them instead of pretended to "not see color". That's bullshit. You have to acknowledge who people are, their values, their background, their ancestors, their history, their geographical location, etc etc. You can be a black dude born and raised in France and all you know is French culture, french women, french cuisine, etc etc but you are black and look different.

It's tribalism which is animalistic which is what we are. The most important thing is, the average person of EVERY culture just wants to live in a home with their family and be safe and have food and water, that's literally it. Everyone wants the same shit because we're all the same people. It's SO easy to make connections with people from different cultures because we all ultimately want the same thing, mentioned previously.

I guarantee you, if you take a racist redneck Trumper who is a conspiracy theorist and magically transport him to someone's house in Saudi Arabia, they can have conversation, share good food, talk about their experience, play games together (videogames/chess/etc etc) and connect. It's that simple. We're all generally the fucking same. It's funny how adults don't figure this out. I'm 30 and I probably realized this around 25 or so

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