Joey Ryan's Apology Tweet

I think everyone forgets that these apologies should be for the victims and it‘s on the people that they’ve hurt to decide to accept them or not. If not well these are things that truly destroy you as a human being without outright killing you as someone who has been through it. I see a lot of people are talking about accusations ruining lives of the accused but quite frankly even just the financial costs of rehabilitation and therapy from the trauma afterwards can ruin the victims, not even talking about the mental damage that occurs or legal costs if a case is able to be pursued in the first place (let alone settled). These apologies aren’t ours as fans to accept, especially when all of the accused men are denying outright raping anybody, but admitting to literally every other form of abuse they’re being accused of. Just seems to be another time where most of the people in someone’s life can have been abused, but somehow all of their friends that have been accused “were totally falsely accused that one time” and they don’t know any “actual” abusers. Not our place to judge as outsiders when it’s entirely possible many of these guys have the same mindset as a lot of the commenters on here that “well THAT doesn’t ACTUALLY sound like abuse that just sounds like x!” When what they’re describing is textbook abuse and consent violations. There’s a total lack of education around consent in general and I’m seeing it play out on here with people tossing around definitions and “proof,” not realizing these are complicated things between two individuals that leaves one with irreparable damage, even if the other doesn’t realize what they’ve done because THEY thought it was ok.

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