Just because you win division 1 doesn't disprove handicap exist.

Wow you sir should be neutered. The whole quote, not just that little piece from your link: "So, I am guessing there are two things at play here. One is, for a football fan, we are the definitive simulation of the sport they love, and we’ve done it in a way that I think allows people who aren’t into football to enjoy it too. And that is creating systems in the game that allow for calculations to determine outcomes based on context, rather than random scripted crap.

And so, looking at this year’s game, and how we wanted it to be unpredictable and dramatic, I’d kinda go ‘OK, what have we done with First Touch Control’? We’ve taken our shooting system, which calculated spin, velocity and direction of the ball, and a bunch of other stuff - your foot hitting it and your preparedness to hit it - and determined what the outcome was for the ball’s trajectory towards the goal. That led to this very deep, engaging shooting mechanic in our game which, when you mess a shot up, never made you feel like it was the game’s fault."

He was explaining Firt Touch Control. And how the game calculates it based of ingame factors. The game doesnt decide to fuck you out of nowhere, he is explaining that in FIFA 13 you needed to pay more attention or else you would be able to get a good shot off.

Here is the paragraph about his kids loving it: "Moving away from the football thing and looking at non-football fans, what they see is this amazing simulation of humans running around kicking a ball of leather, that when they perform an action is executed in a way that makes complete sense. And it just so happens that it’s a really competitive environment, where you have two teams and you have to score more goals. Or not concede as many. At that point, it becomes something that I think people enjoy. My kids love it, and they’re like... eight and five years old."

He is explaining how his kids love watching the fake humans in the TV respond accordingly to what they input on their controllers.

Man this is a perfect example of a person who has no clue. Did you even read the article bro ? Find an 8 year old who can beat me at FIFA 15. And if there is one out there (fuck me, lol, who knows really) it will be because he is better at the game than me. Not because a random code decides he will win.

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